Manage Money With Roommates – 8 Do’s & Don’ts

   Living with others is not easy. A few years ago my friends and I decided to found a house together. We were all incredibly excited and promised to split everything evenly, from rent, to utilities, to chores. However, it didn’t take long before the problems started. A roommate was constantly late paying his share […]

Paying Work Tax Credit Qualification & Qualifications Explained

    First introduced in 2009, the Making Work Pay tax credit was available for two years – 2009 and 2010. With this credit you could receive a bonus of up to $ 400 (or $ 800 if you filed jointly filed jointLady Macbethijk) for work only . However, this tax credit was no longer […]

Living On Minimum Wage – Is It Possible?

   In the summer of 2014, a number of prominent politicians made an unusual choice. For a week, they all voluntarily set aside their generous salaries and tried to live at just $ 7.25 per hour – the federal minimum wage. No, they were not crazy. They took the Live the Wage Challenge. This challenge […]

Sources of Short and Long Term Business and Enterprise Financing

  iness financingOne of the earliest sources of funding is your own income. No one wants to bite more than they can chew, especially when it comes to getting serious financing or investing a lot of money that is irretrievable when starting a business. When you start a business for the first time, you are […]

Credit to Purchase New and Used Equipment and Machinery

  Your company is your largest equity, you are low capital but need credit to acquire new equipment and machinery. What to do? Keeping the machinery up-to-date is one of the main tasks of entrepreneurs. When it comes to micro and small businesses, getting the equipment up and running is even more essential. This makes […]