Credit to Purchase New and Used Equipment and Machinery


Your company is your largest equity, you are low capital but need credit to acquire new equipment and machinery. What to do? Keeping the machinery up-to-date is one of the main tasks of entrepreneurs. When it comes to micro and small businesses, getting the equipment up and running is even more essential. This makes your business work effectively and can deliver quality products to the consumer.

Obtain credit to acquire equipment

Often, especially in these times of lean cows in which we find ourselves, it is difficult to get the resources needed to buy equipment. For start-up companies, having the working capital needed for this venture may be the main challenge in getting the venture into the market.

There are various alternative financing, microcredit and other opportunities that entrepreneurs and professionals in this situation can use to get the money.

Finance machinery and equipment safely!



A financing to buy equipment may be exactly what you need. However, it should be very well thought out. You do not want to end up getting more expenses that you can not afford.

You should know if you can afford the new cost of the machinery and the financing installments. Check before any deal done, what interest rates, installments, terms and contract terms. It is also good, before you apply for the credit to purchase equipment and machinery, research the affordable brands and the exact amount you will pay.

Understand how to finance equipment for your company

Understand how to finance equipment for your company


When looking to find resources to buy equipment for your company, there are several locations and programs that you can turn to. There are incentives from the federal government and even banks and private companies that finance these equipment. Micro and small companies mainly, can use the benefits of the government, which are the most suitable for these cases.

There are several ways to get a loan to buy your machinery. You can purchase with the support of the federal government, the National Development Bank, the BNDES, or FINAME. It all depends on what you envision as being the best deal for your industry.

If you decide to finance by state banks, you can carry out this loan in two ways. For Finame and the BNDES card.

Generally, the government only finances machinery produced in national territory. If the entrepreneur needs to buy international equipment, he can use the Leasing service, also known by the English term leasing. This type of financing means that a contract will be made through which the lessor or leasing company (the company that is engaged in leasing) acquires a property chosen by its client. The company or entity will then rent it to the investor for a certain term.

Government credit for micro and small businesses to buy equipment


Government credit for micro and small businesses to buy equipment




Micro and small business owners who need national equipment, have special federal funding for these cases. Because they do not have so many demands and interest rates are lower, they may be a hand in hand for those who need credit for equipment and machinery, but they have few resources.

One of the main financiers of equipment for Brazilian companies is the National Development Bank (BNDES). You can get the loan through the BNDES card. You must apply for the card at any state bank.


Micro and small business owners 

Micro and small business owners 

It is designed to finance the investments of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individual microentrepreneurs (SMEs). Its interest rate is 1.35% per month, but this amount may vary. The limit of this loan is 2 million per card issued

The loan by FINAME, an acronym that defines the Special Agency of Industrial Financing, is another possibility. This funding is also very simple and can be a solution for you.

In order to obtain this benefit, the interested party must go to a state bank, such as Caixa Federal or Banco do Brasil. In addition to being national, the equipment financed should be part of a list that is on the BNDES website. The machinery that the entrepreneur can finance through this credit is registered in the BNDES – CFI Computer Accreditation, available for consultation on the BNDES website.

The term of payment is also another attraction since it is well facilitated. The maturity date is defined according to the need of the Investment, and can reach up to 120 months total term, with up to 24 months grace period.

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